A Profile Boost for the Alternative Finance Sector in Dorset

By AltFi News on 6th August 2014

Equity Crowdfunding

The Dorset Growth Hub – a supplier of information and education for local businesses – staged a session on alternative finance in Mid July.

A Profile Boost for the Alternative Finance Sector in Dorset

David Stevenson, Director of AltFi, gave an overview of the alternative finance sector – clarifying its relevance to the entrepreneurs in attendance. David also explained that the industry is split (broadly speaking) into peer-to-peer lending, equity crowdfunding, and online invoice finance. Graeme Marshall, Founder and CEO of FundingKnight, then delved deeper into the peer-to-business lending space. Mike Royston, Business Development Manager for Crowdcube, conducted a similarly insightful exploration of the equity crowdfunding route. Finally Daniel Britton, Managing Director of Financial Fairytales, shared his experience as fundraiser on the Crowdcube platform. The session concluded with Q and A time.

You can view David Stevenson’s speech below.

For access to the complete footage from the event – please follow this link


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