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KoreConX Disrupts Equity Crowdfunding

By Guglielmo de Stefano on 9th November 2015

KoreConX has introduced an all-in-one solution helping companies to obtain equity funding more efficiently.

KoreConX has announced the launch of a new platform that provides businesses with a suite of tools and services that are useful for keeping corporate information up to date, and to successfully conclude crowdfunding transactions. 


Information is critical for equity crowdfunding portals, which are responsible for conducting due diligence on each company that wants to raise capital. Sometimes the due diligence process can become time-consuming and cumbersome. KoreConX is attempting to offer a solution; saving equity crowdfunding portals time, increasing their deal flow, and lessening the burden of compliance.


Companies might use KoreConX to organize and share information with portal operators, through a simple and free platform, not only prior to equity rounds, but also after. Indeed, KoreConX also helps companies to communicate with their shareholders in an efficient manner on an on-going basis. 


Oscar A Jofre, Founder, President/CEO of KoreConX, commented: 


"The new KoreConX platform changes the status quo in the marketplace by, for the first time ever, standardizing the process of gathering and conveying all needed information for equity funding. By making it easier, and far less expensive, KoreConX is poised to reshape the industry and reshape the face of crowdfunding."


Certified by VeriSign, the platform enables all parties to see and edit documents in real time, making version control easier and reducing legal fees. KoreConX is expected to be well suited to directors that prefer to focus on running their businesses. 


KoreConX’s platform seems to represent an extremely useful tool. How will the many platforms react to this innovative new product? 


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