Continental European Volume Roundup - November 2015

By Sukhwinder Shoker on 4th December 2015

The Liberum AltFi Volume Index (Continental Europe) recorded its second largest monthly origination total ever last month, adding €67.2m to the cumulative total which currently stands just under €1.3bn.

Continental European Volume Roundup - November 2015

Peer to Peer consumer lending, which forms the largest proportion of the Index, grew marginally from the previous month and record months were achieved by Mintos, Fellow Finance and Twino. Fellow Finance and Twino both appear to be a on a strong trajectory of growth albeit from fairly low bases. Fellow Finance, a new addition to the Index, has the highest year-on-year growth for any platform currently active in the index (500% YoY annualised growth) whilst Twino has grown impressively to surpass €1m lent in November (representing 25% growth in volume from October) -not bad going for a platform that only launched in June 2015.

Peer to peer business lending recorded €13.2m in yet another consecutive record month of volume originations fuelled by records established by Funding Circle (Continental Europe), Lendix and Estate Guru. Cumulatively, these platforms contributed 70% of P2P business lending in November. The latter two platforms both launched in early 2015 and seem poised to become major growth drivers for SME marketplace lending in continental Europe. As a general rule there are plenty of lessons that the smallest businesses can learn from big innovators. However, amount lent does not equal innovation. Whilst a number of platforms that achieved record months in November started lending in 2015, it will be interesting to observe whether these platforms can sustain strong growth and scale to take advantage of the huge opportunity present in Europe for marketplace lenders. 


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