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Mintos Investors Can Now Invest In Czech Mortgages

By Guglielmo de Stefano on 15th March 2016

ACEMA Credit Czech (ACEMA) to expand investment opportunities for Mintos’ investors.


Riga-based peer-to-peer lending platform Mintos has announced a strategic partnership with the Czech non-bank mortgage lender ACEMA Credit Czech (ACEMA). According to the agreement, ACEMA will offer investors wide geographic investment opportunities, placing property-secured loans issued to private individuals on the Mintos platform.


ACEMA is one of the leading non-bank mortgage lenders in the Czech Republic. Last year, the company issued more than 500 loans worth over €14m. In December 2015, the total assets of the company were more than €36m and profit from the core business was registered at €4.4 million.


The average loan amount offered by ACEMA to Mintos investors will range from €18,000 to €35,000, with repayment ranging from 12 to 240 months. The non-bank mortgage lender indicated an average annual net yield starting from 5.5% for loans with a buyback guarantee and from 10% for loans without a buyback guarantee. The presenece of a buyback guarantee means that the issuer of the loans will buy back any loan that is delinquent for more than a specific number of days.


Martin Hronek, Business Development Manager of ACEMA, offered comment:


“Currently we are purposefully working to expand our operations both for private individuals and in the small and medium business sector. That means we are looking to diversify sources of financing. We have done significant research on the opportunities offered by new and innovative financial technology (fintech) companies. We chose to collaborate with Mintos because we value their fair and transparent business processes,”


Mintos is a technology-enabled peer-to-peer lending marketplace from Riga that launched in January 2015. Mintos brings together investors with non-bank lenders, giving opportunities to both private individuals and institutional investors to finance non-bank lender loans. On the platform, investors can finance business loans, car loans, invoices, mortgage loans, and personal loans.  Over the past year, more than 20 million euro in loans were financed through Mintos, with an average Net Annual Return for investors of 12.61%.


Mintos investors can currently invest in loans issued by another eight non-bank lenders in a diverse range of countries including Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Georgia. The latest partner was DEFIBO – an invoice finance online company based in Lithuania – which joined Mintos last January and allows investors to purchase invoices issued by SMEs and by large corporations.


The agreement with ACEMA follows on from the closure of €2m in seed funding, led by local VC firm Skillion Ventures last February. On that occasion, the platform stated that the money would be used to boost its product range, to expand its team and to accelerate growth in Europe, focusing on attracting more non-bank lender partners to the platform, such as ACEMA.


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