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KoreConX and iDisclose For Strategic Partnership

By Guglielmo de Stefano on 3rd May 2016

KoreConX and iDisclose have today forged a strategic partnership to make disclosures easier both for companies seeking new funds and for their stakeholders. The two companies have been working together to minimize the cost and the burden of raising capital for start-ups.


KoreConX is an all-in-one solution that helps companies navigate the process of raising equity capital and simplifies communications between shareholders. The KoreConX platform enables start-ups to properly organize, manage, and share corporate information, offering them the support they need before, during, and after a fundraising campaign.


iDisclose is an adaptive web-based application that helps entrepreneurs to prepare institutional grade disclosure documents for crowdfunding and private placements, saving them thousands of dollars in fees and allowing them to “make their own counsel”. From today onwards, start-ups may do the same thing through KoreConX technology, thanks to the tie-up.


Georgia Quinn, founder of iDisclose, offered comment:


"We founded iDisclose with the goal of reducing legal fees and the cost of compliance for entrepreneurs and companies, and empowering them. Our partnership with KoreConX helps further this goal by making the process of preparing to raise money seamless and easier for companies,"


KoreConX is pleased to be partnered with iDisclose to make compliance and due diligence both easier and more rigorous, and to allow companies to complete risk factor analyses or full Private Placement Memorandums using its platform.


Oscar Jofre, KoreConX Founder, President and CEO, added:


"We're working to tie together all of the members of the equity crowdfunding ecosystem to ensure that companies can access capital with ease and at low cost, and our partnership with Fintech Legal industry leader iDisclose means that companies can complete the legal documents required with no pain,"


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