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Survey finds small business owners favour Trump

By Ryan Weeks on 4th August 2016

Source: Gage Skidmore,

53 per cent of the small business owners polled by US alternative lender Capify believe that Trump is the right candidate for them.


The survey, which gathered feedback from over 900 US businesses, asked owners which of the two presidential candidates has their best interests at heart. 53 per cent voted Trump, while a mere 24 per cent backed Clinton. 19 per cent voted “neither”, with a further 4 per cent undecided.


A key part of Trump’s appeal in the race to be president has been the perception that he will champion small businesses across the country. But a number of democrats have argued against this idea, citing examples of Trump having exploited smaller firms in the past. 


Rohit Arora, co-founder and CEO of Biz2Credit, an online finance platform for small businesses, recently wrote a column for Forbes entitled: “Why Donald Trump Would Be The Worst President For Small Businesses”. Arora claimed that Trump “does not know what it’s like to pinch pennies”, and that his stance on immigration would have a negative impact on the economy and damage the prosperity of small businesses. But Capify’s respondents appear to disagree.


The Capify survey also asked how satisfied respondents are with the way that Clinton and Trump are addressing small business issues in their respective campaigns. 32 per cent say that they are unsatisfied, while 32 per cent again are neutral. What’s clear is that the majority (60 per cent) of the 900 or so firms that participated in the poll expect the election to have a “severe impact” on small businesses in the US.



Andrew Altschuler

08 Aug 2016 09:58pm

Great insight. Thank you.

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