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UK P2P Monthly Origination 2016:
44% CAGR

By AltFi Data on 8th January 2017

AltFi Data

Chart of the week W01-2016:
Despite a 5 month hiatus P2P lending recovers and clocks a 44% CAGR for the last 3 years.


Aloysius Fekete, AltFi Data

10 Jan 2017 04:37pm

Actually, our chart suggests monthly origination increased by closer to £150m in 2016. The FundingSecure figure is an annual figure. You need to compare that to the annual figure for P2P originations in 2016 which were around £3.9bn.


10 Jan 2017 10:28am

I agree with the comment above, can you explain this.

Stuart Bowen

09 Jan 2017 05:00pm

Your chart suggest 100M increase in uk monthly origination over the year 2016. Seems low when Funding Secure try and convince us that it has lent over £60M in the same period in its own statistics. In your figures do you strip away loans that are renewed and given a new number to give a true NEW loan origination? How many platforms have you drawn data from? Have you checked back to each to strip out false numbers?

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