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AlphaFlow brings robo to real estate

By Lisa Walls-Hester on 9th March 2017

San Francisco-based real estate investment platform AlphaFlow has launched AlphaFlow Managed Portfolios, which it believes is the first automated real estate investment service of its kind.


The new set-it-and-forget-it automated service will allow investors to build and manage a real estate portfolio. 


“For the first time, investors can 100 per cent passively invest in a diversified real estate portfolio at any time. It is ultimately a simpler, more intelligent way to invest in real estate,” said Ray Sturm, CEO of AlphaFlow. “Our investors were happy with their returns but we weren’t meeting all of their needs, so we stepped back and designed a new platform from the ground up.”


The company’s founders have been at the forefront of the disruption in real estate investing. In 2013, Sturm co-founded RealtyShares, one of the largest real estate crowdfunding platforms. Three years later, AlphaFlow was the first to offer funds that allowed investors to participate in loans across multiple real estate crowdfunding platforms with a single investment.


AlphaFlow Managed Portfolios bring similarly innovative benefits to investors, including daily portfolio rebalancing that automatically reviews portfolios on a daily basis for opportunities to reallocate investments in order to increase diversification.


“Investors on AlphaFlow can now build a diversified real estate portfolio backed by sophisticated financial with as little as $10,000 all at a low fee. To do that, we use top-caliber analytics and technology to create an elegant automated investing experience,” said Bogdan Cirlig, AlphaFlow’s co-founder and CTO.


“AlphaFlow Managed Portfolios represent a large step in bringing robo-investing to real estate for the first time.”


While many investors have embraced online equity investing, the real estate industry has traditionally been slow to change. But AlphaFlow believes that in the next ten years, everyone will have some exposure to real estate in their investment portfolio.



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