Millennial Money Matters podcast: Episode 6, Scalable Capital

By Ryan Weeks on 27th March 2017

P2P/Marketplace LendingRobo-Advice

In Episode 6 of Millennial Money Matters, we take a look at Scalable Capital, second largest of the UK's much-hyped "robo-advisors" by assets under management with over £100m. Scalable is growing rapidly on the strength of a highly sophisticated technology platform, which helps to set appropriate risk levels for users, prior to allocating and managing funds on their behalf. You'll need a minimum of £10k to invest, and all funds are invested via passive ETFs. CEO Adam French, our guest on the show, has some great tips on how to be thinking about investing and risk in your younger years. Not to be missed!

Millennial Money Matters podcast: Episode 6, Scalable Capital

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