Crowdfunding, porn and disruption

By Daniel Lanyon on 21st September 2017

Equity Crowdfunding

The technology of raising capital from the crowd has moved from industry to industry this year.

Crowdfunding, porn and disruption

Crowfunding  and alternative finance was recently likened to ‘having a whip round’ by Barry Sheerman MP, founder of the all parlimentary group (APPG) for crowdfunding and non-banking finance. 

“Technology has taken the whip-round to a new level,” he is quoted in a recent article in the New Statesman.

It is not, course what Sheerman had in mind but presciently InCrowd Capital - the company “behind the world's first true crowdfunding platform for the global adult entertainment industry” - is set to grow its offering by adding equity crowdfunding options and inviting investors to, er, join in.

“With The World Bank estimated that crowdfunding would reach $90 billion by 2020, and the adult industry reported to be worth $97 billion, there is a real lack of investment opportunities for those looking to invest in this sector or companies seeking investment to grow,” the firm said in statement.

The firm:  adultXfunding (AXF) was created to “address the lack of a viable marketplace for concepts and commercial operations to be matched with willing capital funding”. 

Launched with reward-based campaigns, AXF has built up a range of campaigns across the sector from the female contraception brand Luwi to an erotic horror movie by award winning Director Kay Brandt.

“With the addition of equity campaigns, the platform is set to change the industry forever and seeking equity investment to fund the continuing expansion into the lucrative equity crowdfunding space for this equally profitable sector that has been ignored,” it added.

The real question for would-be investors is of course how large this market can grow….


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