Millennial Money Matters podcast: Episode 17, PensionBee

By Ryan Weeks on 2nd October 2017


In episode 17 we look at PensionBee. It's an innovative fintech firm which allows users to identify all of their many disparate pockets of pensions savings and combine them into one technology-oriented solution. It is not simply an aggregator, nor is it a Personal Finance Manager (PFM). These kinds of tools, which are prevalent in fintech, sit on top of third-party products and optimise customer experience using such things as spending insights and other forms of analytics. But that's not PensionBee. PensionBee is licenced as a pensions provider, and has over £100m under management as of today. The average age of its customer base is 37-38 years old, but the company serves a broad range of people, from those in their 20s to those in their 60s. 

Millennial Money Matters podcast: Episode 17, PensionBee

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