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Seedrs releases data on its secondary market

By Emily Nicolle on 13th February 2018

After announcing it would be opening up to new investors, Seedrs has shown its hand for the February trading cycle.


Equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs has closed its February trading cycle after opening up its secondary market to all investors, whether previous shareholders or not.


Since its launch in June 2017, 1,330 share lots have been traded on Seedrs’ secondary market. Previously, the secondary market was only available to existing shareholders for buying more shares, with no auction pricing.


The platform has now revealed that the February trading cycle, which ran from 11am on 6th February to 11am today, saw a 298 per cent increase in average trading activity, with a total of 442 share lots traded in 128 different businesses.


The latest cycle saw shares listed in businesses such as banking app behemoth Revolut, as well as Tossed, Commuter Club and Landbay.


“Creating the Seedrs Secondary Market for investors has helped provide liquidity in what has traditionally been an illiquid asset class,” said Thomas Davies, Chief Investment Officer at Seedrs.


“We are delighted that this development has facilitated record trading activity and provided our investors with further opportunities to invest in exciting businesses that have raised on Seedrs. From being able to realise early returns to buying shares in a company whose initial crowdfunding round you missed out on, the Seedrs Secondary Market has been a ground-breaking development for the sector and we are looking forward to continuing to innovate the product.”



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