Announcement: AltFi Data rebrands to Brismo

By Ryan Weeks on 29th November 2018

P2P/Marketplace Lending

The change aims to highlight the distinction between AltFi and its sister company.

Announcement: AltFi Data rebrands to Brismo

As many of our readers will know, we (AltFi) have a sister company which until this morning was named AltFi Data. From today, that company will go by the name Brismo.

Brismo is an analytics firm focused on verifying and standardising performance data in lending markets. It works mostly with marketplace lenders, providing insight to investors seeking to deploy capital into loan assets based on like for like comparable performance metrics.

AltFi Data was incorporated as a separate company in 2014 with a very different set of objectives to its sister company AltFi. AltFi Data’s purpose was, and is, to provide quantitative and objective information on loan markets. Of course, we at AltFi always strive to be objective in our editorial coverage of the fintech sector – but we also publish opinion and comment-based pieces. This is a key point of difference between the two companies.

Over the past five years, AltFi and AltFi Data have repeatedly been confused in the wider press, in industry reports and even in regulatory updates. Part of the logic behind Brismo’s new name is to help clarify the distinction between the two firms and their objectives.

It should be noted, however, that we will remain close and that AltFi will continue to benefit from the unique insight provided by the only comparable measures of loan performance in the market.

For those wondering, Brismo is derived from Brismau, the Welsh word for prism. The name choice is designed to reflect Brismo’s role in reporting the performance of many heterogenous loanbooks to a consistent standard.

In their own words: “Think of the loan tapes from originators as beams of white light – Brismo creates the spectrum.”



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