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Pietro Nicholls

Pietro Nicholls, is the Co-Manager of RM Secured Direct Lending PLC, a listed investment trust which specialises in asset backed lending. The Investment trust is listed on the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE Fledging index. Pietro has over a decade of experience in the capital markets, project finance and corporate lending. He started his career at Bear Stearns before joining Barclays, he has extensive experience in advising publicly listed, unlisted and government related entities on investment, financing, M&A and liability management solutions.


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Articles by Pietro Nicholls

Trouble in paradise - Why transparency is paramount for investors in the alt-finance sector

1st December 2017

Non-bank lending is booming but with a widening opportunity set risks also increase.      The release of the Paradise Papers, heralded by the media as a second Panama Papers, provided ...

Brexit, the financial crisis and deja vu

11th October 2017

The financial health of the U.K. consumer - the alarm bells are ringing but can anybody hear them?     Prior to the Brexit vote Nick Clegg, (see #MysticClegg) wrote what the aftermath ...