Fintex Capital

Fintex Capital is an institutional investor focused on leading credit marketplaces in the UK and Continental Europe. Our mission is to transform the way large institutions access high quality lending platforms.    Fintex was set up to originate, structure and asset manage marketplace investments for large institutions, like pension funds, insurance companies, banks and asset managers. We invest as principal. Our aim is to deliver capital preservation, consistent income and superior risk-adjusted returns.    Fintex provides a missing link between Europe’s leading credit marketplaces and global capital markets. Unique in its ways, Fintex was designed as a repeat issuer of bonds, not as a fund. Based in London, our team has a long-standing track record in investment structuring and asset management, and deep and thorough investment experience across consumer assets, real estate and SME's. Launched one year ago, Fintex already has more than $60 million in investment assets. 

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