Proplend is an online marketplace for secured commercial mortgages, where all the loans are supported by a registered legal first charge on an income producing commercial property. Proplend was founded in 2014 in response to the fallout of the 2008 banking crisis. On one hand bank interest rates fell to and have remained at historic lows depriving cash rich individuals and institutions of much needed low risk income and on the other hand banks who had previously been very active in property lending had either disappeared or pulled out of the market. The sector of the market worst hit was sub £5m commercial lending where there is a staggering £50 billion of existing debt that requires to be refinanced over the next 3-5 years. This is currently being serviced by less than 11 active lenders. Proplend makes it possible for interest rates being offered by borrowers to be earned directly by lenders, circumventing the traditional banking system and creating a new asset class.  This is the first time that private individuals and institutions have been offered direct access to commercial real estate lending opportunities. Borrowers gain access to funding which is not otherwise currently available and lenders get the opportunity to earn risk adjusted monthly income.

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