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AltFi Data Analytics

UK Analytics



AltFi Data Analytics is a market data product that allows the exploration and analysis of the extensive data set that underlies the AltFi Data indices. Our customisable tools allow the user to explore, visualise and download our extensive data set.

Origination data covers the 28 most significant UK originators.

All other analyses cover the 4 platforms that disclose loan level data:

    Funding Circle    Ratesetter    marketinvoice

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We have the most extensive database of Alternative Finance origination statistics. Our tools offer monthly and cumulative origination volumes together with market share analysis.

Cumlative Origination: £8.7b
Change on month: £324m

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We offer detailed analysis of the top P2P platforms. Our loan-by-loan, cash flow-by-cash flow, data set allows analysis of:

  • Net lending 
  • Monthly origination
  • Cumulative origination
  • Outstanding principal
  • Principal outstanding by origination month
  • Proportion of origination cohort outstanding

Net lending for month of April: £59.2m
Change on previous month: £30.9m

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Segment Gross Lending rates by platform, borrower and security.

Average gross interest rate: 7.39%
Change on month: 5bps

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Segment Loan term by platform, borrower and security.

Average Term: 38.8 months
Change on month:

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See up to date arrears figures that are segmentable by platform, borrower type and security.

Current Arrears: 0.60%
Change on month: 7bps

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View bad debt by origination year or origination quarter. Segment it by platform, borrower and security.

Current Bad Debt: 1.2%
Change on month: 1bps

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AltFi Data apply a consistent methodology to allow a like for like comparison of net return track record.

Segment returns by platform, borrower and security.

Liberum AltFi Returns Index: 4.93%
Change on month: 2bps

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