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AltFi Data Marketplace Lending Returns Index


AltFi Data Marketplace Lending Returns Index measures the returns generated from Marketplace lending.

Index values are time-weighted and published as aggregate annualised returns. As such the series expresses what an equal time-weighted exposure to every loan made would have returned over the preceding 12 month period.

The Index is updated on a monthly basis.

Index calculations are based on aggregated data from the 4 largest UK platforms by origination volume:

To ensure accuracy and transparency the Index is constructed using the cash flows from every loan made by the eligible platforms. The Index is updated at the end of each month to reflect daily changes in loan cash flows.

Platforms are eligible for inclusion if they satisfy specific eligibility criteria relating to:

  • origination volume
  • standards of disclosure
  • Platform maturity

Further detail can be found in the index methodology.


Index Performance

  Absolute Return* Change
1 Month 0.43% 0.11
3 Month 1.15%


1 yr 5.04%  -0.02
3 yr 15.94% -0.04

*As at 31st March 2017


Trailing 12 Month Return



One of the key platform eligibility criteria for index inclusion is transparency. From a practical perspective daily loan by loan data is needed to allow the construction of the Index.  However, we also believe that transparency is an essential quality to ensure the sustainable growth of this asset class.  All contributing platforms agree and the commitment to transparency is such that as well as providing the required cash flow data for the Index calculation, they have also agreed to publish key loan by loan details publicly. New loanbooks will be published each month initially.


Link to Funding Circle Loanbook
(Requires Funding Circle Login)

Market Invoice Loanbook Links:
Static CSV File | Live IQY File


The AltFi Data Marketplace Lending Returns Index is maintained by AltFi Data. The Index is rules based with Index Committee oversight. The full Index methodology is available here.