Crypto Investor Forum

27th February 2019

Crypto for the Mainstream –Understanding the opportunities and risks for investors and companies raising capital 

AltFi and Maitland are delighted to announce our first joint Crypto investors forum. This is a half day event in Kings Cross designed to decode the world of crypto for mainstream investors and explore how it will transform capital markets
Our market leading speakers will attempt to answer all the key questions most investors ask, ranging from how to access this nascent ‘asset class’, to exploring how tokenisation will transform capital markets, through to real-life applications of blockchain..  Our emphasis throughout the event will be on the proper debate – underscoring both the risks and opportunities – and explaining how investors can access this confusing space through structures that are familiar and offer real protections.
Our moderator on the day will be FT, Money Week and Citywire columnist David Stevenson, who is also the founder of alternative finance news website

Agenda for the event

  • De-mystifying blockchain: we quickly explore two businesses with real-world applications
  • Is Crypto really a new asset class and how do I invest in it? - how to access the space through funds, products, and exchanges
  • Is my GPU powerful enough? An insider’s account of a year spent bitcoin mining
  • How to regulate the crypto space: an insider’s view 
  • What are the practical applications of blockchain? 
  • Stable Coins: what are they and why we should care?
  • Acronym City – STOs, ICOs and Tokens – STOs.. the new ICOs and will they really transform capital markets?
  • Works for me! Our final open Q&A session featuring a range of innovative businesses using the token and STO model

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Venue Details

The Crypto Investor Forum will take place at Maitland/AMO, 3 Pancras Square, London, N1C 4AG