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Income Opportunities in
Alternative Credit
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HOSTED at Nabarro LLP, 125 London Wall, EC2Y 5AL



The scramble away from fixed income in recent years by institutional investors alongside the dis-intermediation of the banking system post-2008 has prompted the growth of a new asset class: Alternative Credit.

AltFi’s inaugural Alternative Credit Seminar provided, over the course of a morning, a thorough data-driven exploration and analysis into one of most interesting and fast growing areas of fund management. The budding universe of funds within the Alternative Credit universe includes areas of the market such as direct lending, asset leasing, mezzanine debt, peer-to-peer lending and SME loans.

The first of its kind in London, it brout together an audience circa 100+ comprised of wealth managers, family offices, hedge fund managers, funds-of-funds managers, portfolio managers and other professional fund selectors and financial advisers who were also joined by industry experts and alternative credit fund managers. Participants also benefited from Continuing Professional Development certification.


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Introduction to Alternative Credit: Opportunities and risks

Moderate expectations from regular fixed income and the dis-intermediation of the banking sector post-2008 have prompted the growth of the Alternative Credit market with a growing universe of higher yielding funds suitable for family offices and wealth managers.


Mapping out the Alternative Credit universe of funds

Alternative Credit comes in a variety of investable forms, from direct lending, equipment leasing, p2p lending, mezzanine debt and trade finance. Each carry distinct characteristics, benefits and market risks.


Opportunities in the SME Lending market

There has been a significant reduction in lending to small and medium sized businesses from banks, although appetite for credit has increased substantially.


P2P investing for wealth managers, a natural fit or a risky nascent market?

With yields of 5-10 per cent on offer from p2p funds and platforms, some of the most respected investors in the UK such as Neil Woodford and Mark Barnett have backed the sector, but is p2p just for retail investors or should the professionals be adding exposure?


The niche areas of ex-bank lending and how to get exposure

In the past eight years banks have retreated from lending in several areas of the economy, opening up attractive opportunities for ‘shadow banks’ such as asset managers who are lending to industries, firms and individuals to fill the void using investors’ capital.


How Alternative Credit boosts income and risk-adjusted returns over a market cycle

Can holding Alternative Credit in your clients’ portfolios over the longer-term help improve risk adjusted returns and enhance income portfolios?


Compliance, illiquidity & transparency

Compliance is a key concern for all professional investors in today’s regulatory environment and chief among the barriers to investing in a new or nascent asset class.