John Goodall


CEO and Co-Founder

John is CEO and co-founder of Landbay. Landbay launched in May 2014 and is the only peer-to-peer investment platform to focus solely on the UK residential mortgage market.   John has over 20 years’ experience working across a broad range of industries. Prior to setting up Landbay, John co-founded and managed a leading financial services executive search business. He also spent 3 years teaching economics at a leading London educational establishment and has held a senior executive role in stockbroking. John holds an MBA from Imperial College, London and a BA (hons) in Economics from Durham University.

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Why BTL Mortgages are ideal for risk averse investors

The Alternative Property Forum - 19th June 2018

  • John explained that buy-to-let offers two forms of security: the familiar first-charge against a property, and a stable cashflow in the form of rental income.

  • Landbay (the lender) can become the receiver of that rent in the event of a default.

  • Rental prices have been significantly less volatile than house prices over the past ten years, with only one slight wobble in 2009, otherwise rising 2-3 per cent a year in line with normal earnings.

  • John said that the supply of new rental properties is not growing in line with demand – and that rental growth will increase in the next few years.


Secured vs. unsecured: Which offers the best risk–adjusted returns?

AltFi Global Summit 2016 - 14th September 2016

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