Bonaverde’s Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Surpasses Goal and Reaches £1,000,000

Press release by First Associates on 27th July 2017

London, (26 July 2017) - German coffee start-up, Bonaverde, is on its way to its fourth record-breaking crowdfunding campaign. The company, known as the makers of the world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine, has overfunded its campaign on equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs today, reaching £1,000,000, 133% of their £750.000 goal.


“We’re certainly celebrating here,” says Bonaverde founder and CEO Hans Stier, “Crowdfunding has always been a part of our DNA as a company. It’s inspiring not only to meet our goal, but also to see that the grassroots, crowd-powered ethos of the Coffee Changer movement is still alive and well.”  


Bonaverde’s flagship product, the Bonaverde Berlin, is currently coming off the production line, ready for shipment to over 5000 crowdfunding backers this summer. Funding from the Seedrs campaign will be directed towards the company’s larger mission, building a connected direct-trade coffee ecosystem. The company’s trade infrastructure includes farm-level packaging lines, an online marketplace, and a licensing-based distribution network.

“The hardware was always just the beginning,” says Stier, “When we launched our first crowdfunding campaign in 2013, it was with an aim to change the way coffee is perceived, traded and enjoyed. We’re still fully committed to this vision of fairer, farmer-centric coffee trade.”


Bonaverde received close to €2m in Series-A funding from investors including, Dr. Jens Odewald former CEO of Kaufhof/Metro Group and former board chair of Tchibo Holding until he joined Bonaverde's board, and Mr. Michael Brehm a serial entrepreneur who has sold companies to Google and eBay. Seedrs participants invested at the same €27m pre-money valuation these early investors received. Seedrs investors also had the option to guide the company’s growth by securing a digital advisory board seat with an investment of £50,000 or more. Four of the thirty available seats have already been claimed.


The company is keeping the campaign open to further investment beyond their initial goal for a limited time. Interested investors can learn more at                     


About Bonaverde


Based out of Berlin, Germany, Bonaverde are the creators of the world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine, the Bonaverde Berlin. Transforming green beans into delicious coffee in around fifteen minutes, the Bonaverde Berlin truly brews the freshest coffee in the world at home. The result is a mild yet flavorful cup free from bitterness and unwanted acidity. Coffee lovers will enjoy tasting all the nuances fresh-roasted coffee brings out, enabling them to better explore the myriad tastes in the wide world of coffee. Both a tech and a coffee company, Bonaverde is melding the best of both worlds to dynamically disrupt the coffee industry.