Over 7M € invested in the p2p platform iuvo and new loan originator from Romania

Press release by European Investment Fund on 5th December 2017

One of the fastest growing p2p companies in Europe iuvo reached 6.5M € in investments in the first 15 months of its existence. The money is invested by more than 2700 investors from over 60 countries around the globe with 15% annual return.

What is interesting to note is that this remarkable result is due to investors from different European countries, including Bulgaria, which was the test market for the company. Iuvo does not hide its ambitions for development and broader entry into European markets in 2018.

At the end of October 2018, iuvo attracted as a new partner - one of the most prominent non-banking financial institutions in Romania – iCredit with 18M € wallet. iCredit lists on the platform its main products – personal loans ranging from 85 to 1300 € with a repayment period from 3 to 15 weeks. Thanks to the partnership investors can buy loans on the platform in Romanian Leu (RON). This creates an opportunity for further portfolio diversification and idea for new strategies. At present, iuvo works with two more reliable and proven originators from Bulgaria – Easy Credit and Viva Credit*. 

‘The dynamic growth of iuvo is a proof of the credibility of originators and investors in the business model of p2p lending. More than a year ago, we introduced this global trend in the shared economy in Bulgaria, and today the investments are equal to several million euro.  We grow by over 34% per month and p2p financing market in Bulgaria is growing along with us. Collaboration with a new international originator such as iCredit means more liquidity, good investment opportunities and more attractive returns for our users’, says Ivaylo Ivanov, CEO.

Along with its dynamic growth, iuvo was presented to prestigious international financial forums in p2p lending. In October, Ivaylo Ivanov introduced iuvo to the most significant European lending forum Lendit Europe, and in November he also took part in the AltFi Global Summit in Amsterdam. Earlier this year the platform became part of Finance Estonia and was granted a credit intermediary license by the EFSA (Estonian Financial Supervision Authority).

About iuvo:

Iuvo is a peer-to-peer lending platform which provides an opportunity for anyone who is looking for an alternative option for investing with attractive levels of profitability. The funding mechanism allows investors to buy portions of credits from registered non-banking financial institutions (originators). Iuvo is an investment service and the funds invested through the platform are not deposits and are not guaranteed by law.

*Credit originators are non-banking financial institutions that are regulated by the national regulators. These companies borrow from their funds as opposed to banks that borrow funds attracted through deposits.