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AltFi is the world’s leading news site for the fast growing alternative finance space, which includes crowdfunding, P2P lending, marketplace lending and invoice funding.

AltFi was founded back in the autumn of 2013 by executive directors David Stevenson and Rupert Taylor, both veterans of the investment world. They observed that this disruptive financial sector needed a forum for global news, views and data – and of course a world class event through the AltFi Summits.

Our European and US summits have become a ‘must’ for anyone interested in the space while the team has also expanded alongside our specialist news and analysis coverage. AltFi Funding focuses on explaining alternative finance to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) whilst AltFi Investor is focused on providing incisive opinion and analysis for lenders and of course investors. AltFi’s sister company is Brismo (previously AltFi Data), an analytics company serving both originators of, and investors in, a range of alternative financial assets.

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The AltFi Team


David Stevenson

AltFi Executive Director

David Stevenson, Editor in Chief of AltFinanceNews, is a columnist for the Financial Times (the Adventurous Investor), Investment Week and Money Week. He’s an experienced media entrepreneur (he’s set up a number of online media companies focused on online TV and viral videos) and knowledgeable investment expert. He was also one of the very first journalists to write about the sector in the main nationals.

Daniel Lanyon

AltFi Editor

Daniel is the Editor of AltFi, focusing on fintech and alternative finance space. He was formerly a senior and award winning journalist at FE Trustnet covering the world of financial markets and asset management. Having attained a degree in economics, he went on to work as a journalist at several of the world’s leading media organisations including The Times, BBC and Reuters covering economics, business and politics. Before this he worked as an economics and business correspondent for Hurriyet Daily News in Istanbul, Turkey.

Glenn Hodgeman

AltFi Australasia Executive Director

Glenn is an experienced credit trader and market maker having led trading teams both locally and overseas for Citi, ANZ and Westpac. As Global Head of Credit Trading for Westpac, Glenn led a team of specialists running an internal credit portfolio. Immediately prior to establishing HHR Capital Partners, Glenn was the Executive Director of AltFi, the London based Fintech media company. This role included advisory work for global direct lending funds, and responsibility for the annual AltFi Australasia Summit. This combination of deep experience in traditional banking and early stage involvement in alternative lending places Glenn at the centre of the Australian P2P/Marketplace Lending industry.

Oliver Smith

AltFi Editor

Oliver Smith is an Editor at AltFi, covering fintech, crypto and challenger banks. He was previously a Senior Reporter at Forbes and on the founding team of The Memo, London's fastest-growing business and tech publication which was acquired by Forbes in 2018. Winner of the Gold Award at MHP’s 30 To Watch, Oliver is a regular guest on the BBC, Sky News, ITV and Al Jazeera to comment on the latest tech trends.

Carla Andrei

AltFi Head of Events and Marketing

Carla is the Head of Events and Marketing at AltFi. Previously she studied business administration, marketing & public relations in Romania and worked in finance for several multinational companies including Hewlett Packard and Honeywell. After moving to London she discovered her passion for planning and logistics which led to a several years of experience organising events in the self development industry. She now has the perfect balance mixing her financial background with events and marketing.

Oli Batchelor

AltFi Head of Digital

Oli was on the founding team of AltFi and is a digital-media generalist. He can be found coding websites, designing graphics, editing videos and essentially embracing the power modern technology delivers.

George Geddes

AltFi Contributor

George is a recent mathematics graduate from Brunel University, currently studying Banking and Finance MSc. In his spare time George enjoys playing rugby league, previously representing Scotland in two world championships.

Roger Baird

AltFi Journalist

Roger Baird has worked as a financial journalist for around 20 years reporting on companies, capital markets and the UK economy.