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Million pound week for

Last week was a momentous occasion for the people at as they passed the £1 million loan landmark.  

icon also announced that they are in discussions with another alternate finance platform, Funding Circle, about Circuit Electrical Ltd and the loan that they completed with them last week. hope to get involved with the loan, as they have been told that it could do with extra working capital as it looks to scale.

The peer-to-peer lending platform expects NCD Retailers to be extended again but, are still waiting on confirmation from the borrower that it wants to do so and at a lower amount. However, should this not happen, all bids will be returned immediately and lenders have the option to withdraw if the final amount lowers.

Also have decided to extend the Ispirare Accessories Ltd until the end of the week in the hope that the situation changes and it gets more traction.

The peer-to-peer lending platform also funded two deals last week and are very close to completing a further two in the very near future. 

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