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Bublcam surpasses target on Kickstarter

Today’s campaign of the day is the innovative Bublcam, a 360 degree portable camera capable of capturing spherical photos and videos.  


As a reward-based campaign on Kickstarter, the Bublcam swiftly surpassed its initial fundraising target of $100,000 – raising a whopping $270,011 since November 5th. Those interested can still lend their support until December 14th, and help the project to realise its “Stretch Goals” – such as High Dynamic Range photographs.

Bublcam Founder and CEO Sean Ramsay said: “we want to make this technology affordable, small so it’s portable, and available to everyone”.

The baseball-sized technology can take 14 mega pixel photos and videos at 1080p at 15fps and 720p at 30fps. The design is such that each camera in the sphere overlaps the adjacent one, meaning no blind spots – a unique feature among cameras of this size. The Bublcam not only captures photos and videos, it also uses Wi-Fi to allow users to stream live videos to a computer, mobile device or via the web.

“Sometimes you want that straight on shot, that one angle. But there are going to be moments when you want to see everything. With your help we’re going to make 360 degrees of your world available at any time,” said Ramsay.

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