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The World’s First “Fanfunding” Platform

Fansflock are blending crowdfunding with the power of fandom in order to fund projects.  


The rewards-based platform aims to create a true sense of community for its users. Fansflock will unite donors amongst whom a shared passion already exists.

“Our main goal is to attract projects that have an existing fan base for products, the arts and even events,” said a spokesperson for Fansflock. “Do you love Michael Jackson, maybe you’re a fan group that wants to create a tribute event in Hollywood. These are the types of fan projects we’re looking to support”. The site is readying to launch its inaugural campaigns. These include a Hollywood-style Star Wars fan film and a mobile game for a popular international brand.

Platform users create a funding goal, reward system and deadline, and projects will work on an all-or-nothing basis. If a campaign is successful, Fansflock applies a 5% charge to the funds collected and third-party payment processing fees stand at around 3-5%.

Facebook, Twitter and Reddit are integrated with the site to allow users to drum up fellow fans into frenzied support. If Fansflock is to draw entrepreneurial minds away from the already-established crowdfunding giants, earning a reputation as a hub for like-minded, die-hard fans, of all kinds, will be crucial. Time will tell if fan-passion can propel this innovative platform to the top.

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