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Ralph’s Life Charity CD

Ralph’s Life Music Blog are hoping to crowdfund a CD in order to support the charity Rethink Mental Illness.  

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The double CD will consist of 40 tracks donated by indie artists from across the UK. All proceeds raised from CD sales will then go to the Rethink Mental Illness charity, through The Fine Line Project.

This project – not extraordinary in terms of its presentation or the support it has thus far generated – may seem a puzzling Campaign of the Week choice.

What sets this campaign apart is that it seeks to engage the support of the crowd with an issue that people are typically content to tiptoe around. Through a recent Fundly campaign, a woman who suffered with bipolar II, PTSD from two sexual assaults and agoraphobia hoped to raise the requisite funds to pay for her medication and treatment. She raised just $10 before the campaign was ended. The stigmatized perception of mental illness endures – and projects like Ralph’s Life CD are needed to dispel it.

The rewards-based campaign is listed on A donation of £12 will secure pledgers the CD as well as some other benefits. Larger donations will be rewarded with VIP passes to the CD launch party, free meals at selected restaurants, and so on.

The project has thus far raised £754, 15% of its £5000 target, and will run until January 3rd.

The CD itself will serve as an intermediary between the crowd and Rethink Mental Illness. Ralph’s Life believe music to be an appropriate focal point for the project, because it is capable of expressing life’s highs and lows through an accessible and often moving medium.

You can support the project here:

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