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CapitalStackers to Launch in January

A new property lending service – CapitalStackers – is primed for launch in January of next year.  

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Steve Robson, Managing Director of CapitalStackers, believes the platform will provide a solution for capital-starved borrowers, as well as for investors pursuing improved returns: “Not only will real estate borrowers benefit from improved liquidity, so also will investors through achieving better returns. We are genuinely excited about the future.”

CapitalStackers will constitute an unusual blend of peer-to-peer lending with a tried-and-tested real estate lending risk analysis tool – pi-FRAME. This tool has been utilized by many banks involved in property finance over the years. The new platform, which will be launched in January and is based in Manchester, will attempt to provide more accessible and competitive finance solutions. The site hopes to connect property developers in need of funding with property-minded investors and entrepreneurs.

CapitalStackers’ initial interests are grounded in the UK, but significant interest has already been generated overseas, and management believe the platform’s growth-potential to be exceptional. The site appears to have already raised £1.46 million in funds pledged. CapitalStackers cater exclusively to High Net Worth Individuals and Sophisticated Investors, and the minimum amount that can be invested via the platform is £5,000.

The platform will be supported, both financially and professionally, by Hallidays LLP – an accountancy firm with a stellar reputation. Taylors, a Manchester-based legal practice, will carry out the legal due diligence and documentation of all deals posted on the platform.

You can view the pre-launch site here:

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