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WorthWild – Crowdfunding for Environmental Initiatives

A new crowdfunding platform is helping environmental initiatives get funds and feedback.  


WorthWild provides a rewards-based venue specifically catered to grassroots environmental projects, where any supporter can help in providing projects with integral resources.

“The world needs a way to creatively fund the movement to get people outdoors,” said co-founder, Kyle Pribish. “We’re here to make environmental initiatives fun and engaging for students and educators by combining simple video production and technology with worthwhile causes. We’re supporting environmental initiatives that protect our resources and inspire the stewards of tomorrow. We want grassroots environmental efforts to get the attention they deserve in the crowdfunding world”.

The platform also offers an intriguing sponsorship proposition for “Initiators” (entrepreneurs). If a business discovers a project which aligns with its own ethics, it can sponsor that initiative. In order for a business to sponsor a campaign on WorthWild, it must contribute at least 50% of its fundraising goal, or provide the campaign with 50% or more of the fundraising goal in savings through in-kind donations or discounts. The business’ logo and website link will then appear next to the pitch, affording that pitch increased legitimacy.

The site also possesses a resources page where various research, plans, links and so forth can be shared amongst users. Through attracting like-minded people (environmental innovators, conservation leaders, etc.), WorthWild will hope this feature blossoms into a deep reserve of useful tools.

Co-founder, Cori Snedecor, said: “While many crowdsourcing platforms are designed solely to collect monetary support, WorthWild expands upon this model by offering a consolidated source for intellectual support and vetted resources from the environmental community. Even established businesses can contribute by becoming sponsors of initiatives in exchange for recognition on the site. We’re fostering connections in order to make a greater impact”.

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