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The CAT and the NeuroOn

This week’s victors are the world’s first “polyphasic” sleep-inducing mask and a project to launch a water-propelled satellite into deep space.  


The honours will be split between these two projects as a reminder of the awesome and immeasurably flexible potential within the ever-growing world of crowdfunding.

The NeuroOn mask has been touted as “the world’s first brainwave-monitoring sleep mask”. It will allow users to switch from “monophasic” sleep to the “polyphasic” variety. This will induce a deeper and more efficient rest, meaning users will require less sleep to function. Below is a diagram of the various modes of sleep:


The CAT – water propelled satellite – is no less ambitious in scope. The project aims to allow extraordinarily low-cost access to space exploration. Using the CubeSat Ambipolar Thruster – a new rocket propulsion system powered by the sun and propelled by water – the CAT satellite would become one of the least expensive and most swiftly developed deep-space systems ever built.

would beg to disagree. Each project has already exceeded its initial fundraising target by some distance. The CAT still has two weeks to accrue funds, while the NeuroOn has 37 days and has already received more than double its original goal of $100,000.

You can support the projects here:

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