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Indiegogo Launches Crowdfunding Playbook, Unveils Plan for Global Resource Network

As the crowdfunding industry continues to boom, the world’s original platform – Indiegogo – has launched a manual for success.  


The Indiegogo Playbook will exist as a comprehensive online resource, aimed to better educate all participants in the fundraising process. The international, rewards-based crowdfunding platform are ideally placed to identify and relay the criteria for success. The new instructional resource has been developed through the careful analysis of some 150,000 campaigns hosted by Indiegogo since its commencement in 2008.

“As more and more people are creating and funding crowdfunding campaigns worldwide, the ‘Indiegogo Playbook’ allows us to deliver critical education, backed up with key statistics, best practices, case studies and success stories, that, until now, haven’t been available in one unified location,” said Danae Ringelmann, co-founder and chief customer officer of Indiegogo. “Armed with the right information, campaigners and partners can significantly increase their effectiveness and improve their likelihoods for success, and contributors can approach crowdfunding with confidence now and in the future.”

In the coming months Indiegogo will also launch a Global Crowdfunding Resource Network – designed to aid campaigners, contributors and partners by providing them with details of how to access consultants, influencers and advisers in the crowdfunding space.

“We created a platform that connects people around the world to fund what matters to them, and what has naturally evolved is a growing ecosystem of influencers, advisors, experts and consultants working to making this industry more robust,” said Ringelmann. “Just as we saw a video ecosystem emerge through YouTube, social media through Facebook and ecommerce through eBay, Indiegogo is leading the way for crowdfunding.”

Interested consultants, vendors or partners may follow the link below if they are keen to learn more about how to be a part of the Indiegogo Global Resource Network:

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