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GamCrowd - A Crowdfunding Platform for the Gambling Industry

GamCrowd – a crowdfunding platform for the gambling industry – will go live at the end of January.


A tailor-made “crowd” of entrepreneurs, investors and industry professionals will be carefully constructed from the end of January. GamCrowd will provide gambling-focused startups with valuable industry expertise, as well as the chance to raise funds through the sale of equity.

“We intend to introduce investors with contacts and expertise to start-ups in the gambling industry across the world. As I have already learned, this will add tremendous value to the start-ups that are successful in being funded,” said Chris North – founder of GamCrowd.

North previously crowdfunded the creation of London’s Fox Poker Club by directly enlisting the support of his friends and contacts within the gambling industry. “I didn’t know it was called crowdfunding at the time, but that is exactly what we did and it was a spectacular success,” said North.

It is rare, however, for an entrepreneur to enjoy so fruitful a network of contacts. The GamCrowd platform represents an attempt to make North’s entrepreneurial experience available to all gambling-focused startups.

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