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Exhilway Link Will Connect Investors With Emerging Businesses

Crowdfunding is crashing into India in the form of Exhilway Link.


The platform will be launched by Exhilway Global – the world’s largest emerging markets private equity fund. The crowdfunding platform is set to be no less impressive in scale. It will initially launch in India, the US and UK. Exhilway Link will connect investors with emerging businesses seeking small to medium sized funding. Transaction sizes will typically range from a few million dollars to multimillion-dollar deals.

Joy Ghosh, Director of India Operations, said:

"We believe in investor safety, we never allowed investors to take blind risk. All our investment products offer complete capital protection and minimum returns. Even our crowdfunding platform will offer a hybrid investment product which allow investors to enjoy debt return while a company is growing and unlimited upside potential on the equity when it is listed.”

Exhilway Link will seek to offer crowdfunding investors a superior level of security. They will provide total capital protection and return assurance to investors, which they are doubtless able to provide through their ties to Exhilway Global. The service is free for investors to use. Naturally, those businesses displayed on the platform will be carefully vetted, and must be “Exhilway-verified”. Such companies will need to pay a minimum monthly fee to receive the Exhilway-verified business tag.

Exhilway Link will use Newman Asset – the world’s first crowdfunding rating and valuation agency and an interesting concept itself – to assess prospective companies. Newman Asset already have a checklist of 6,000 businesses from Exhilway. The platform has already received registrations from over 20,000 accredited investors around the world. All the signs suggest Exhilway Link is gearing up to take the world of crowdfunding by storm.

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