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CrowdsUnite Helps Entrerpreneurs to Choose the Right Platform

As new crowdfunding platforms continue to pile up across the globe, so too do the number of methods to navigate them.


There have already been countless articles, aimed at entrepreneurs, about how to select the right platform for a particular project. Now there are whole websites dedicated to the issue. CrowdsUnite is a US website which allows entrepreneurs to get all the information they need about the various crowdfunding hubs. The site lists nearly 100 platforms currently. Listed sites must have successfully funded at least 10 projects.

Alex Feldman, Founder of CrowdsUnite, explained:

"What I'm trying to become is a Yelp for the crowdfunding industry, a resource that anybody can use."

CrowdsUnite users can filter searches by crowdfunding type (debt, equity, rewards or donation-based), campaign-type (all or nothing or keep what you raise), sector/area of interest (sports, music, social good) and country. The site also features user reviews. These reviews must be accompanied by a link to a campaign that the reviewer ran on a particular platform – in order to validate their analysis.

Feldman estimates that there are over a thousand global crowdfunding sites in existence, never mind the equally massive number of regional platforms. CrowdsUnite are not the only site to try and lend a hand to dizzied entrepreneurs. CrowdingIn, for instance, is structured very similarly to CrowdsUnite, but with a UK focus.

Feldman wants to install listings on CrowdsUnite for the growing pool of crowdfunding consultants and companies that are cropping up. These experts and services include accountants, lawyers, videographers, marketers and fulfilment centres for distributing rewards to donors.

"It's such a huge industry evolving right now. My goal is to be a resource for people to find these experts and professionals and platforms."

The crowdfunding space is indeed evolving - and fast. A rising number of services such as CrowdsUnite and CrowdingIn are themselves a part of that evolution.  

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