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The World's First Crowdfunding TV Show

Crowdfunding has now found its way onto our TVs.


CrowdBox TV launched last night on sky, channel 192. The London-based service is a promotional tool for crowdfunding campaigns from a global spread of platforms. CrowdBox also offers web and mobile promotion to featured projects – providing an overall unique level of media exposure.

Operations Manager Jack Darby said:

“Whether you want to start a community-based project, fund a small business venture, publish a book, or help launch the next facebook, CrowdBox will help you promote your fundraising campaign.”

Suday night’s show was hosted by Apprentice victor Stella English. As the world’s first TV show/channel to be devoted to crowdfunding, CrowdBox TV has access to a potential audience of around 25 million viewers in over 12 million homes. Entrepreneurs from across the world are sure to salivate over the prospect of such exposure. Yesterday’s 30 minute show will be extended to an hour-long slot in February. CrowdBox TV is expected to morph into a fully-fledged TV channel by the latter stages of the year.

Presenter Stella English commented:

“It’s crucial for entrepreneurs to be able to get their message out to the crowd. CrowdBox showcases the hottest projects from around the globe.”

You can learn more about CrowdBox here:

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