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MarketInvoice Celebrate Three Years of Success


In honor of their 3rd birthday, we take a short look back at all that MarketInvoice have accomplished in their three years of being:

  • £115 million worth of invoices traded.

  • £70 million traded in the last twelve months alone. The platform took six months to complete their first million.

  • £40 million of government money per annum is now being invested directly into SME invoices via the MarketInvoice platform.

  • 40% of traded invoice value has been for export purposes.

  • Their largest invoice traded to date is £1.5 million, which was funded in just three minutes.

  • Over £20 million of funding is currently available from existing investors.

Anil Stocker, CEO and Co-Founder of the platform, reacted to the occasion:

“Since launching three years ago, we’ve supported ambitious UK SMEs from across the economy. From marine engineers to app developers and cup-cake makers, doing business in the UK and in over 30 foreign markets.

“The working capital we’re helping them unlock is being invested in new product launches, international market entries and more staff.  We’re proud to be playing our part in what is a hugely disruptive time for the financial services sector in the UK. Businesses will be the winners as a result, and we look forward to helping many more of them in the months and years ahead.”

A hugely disruptive time indeed, with 2014 being widely heralded as the tipping point for the alternative finance sector. MarketInvoice’s successes only stand to proliferate with the promise of further regulation and institutional capital ahead. 

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