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“One-Stop-Shop” for Crowdfunding Gets Big Investment

CrowdShed – billed as the one-stop-shop for crowdfunding – has received a significant investment from GLI Finance.

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Heading for a Q3 launch in 2014, the multifaceted CrowdShed is set to redefine how people find their funding, and how they can fund something new. The innovative platform offers rewards-based, lending and donation-based options for crowdfunding projects. Equity crowdfunding will also be made available by late 2014. CrowdShed’s focus will be a broad spectrum of creative, academic and cause-based projects.

Henry Freeman, CrowdShed CEO, said:

“It’s great that GLIF recognizes the inherent opportunity and growth potential of crowdfunding as a real alternative to traditional investment and fundraising channels.

CrowdShed is democratising the crowdfunding process for all and contributing not only to better business but also to the good of society as a whole. We don’t believe that concepts like fiscal success and social, corporate or environmental responsibility are mutually exclusive. The crowd is sustainable, carries momentum easily, is self-supporting and self-perpetuating, and has the power to affect change for the good. This is the heart of what we do at CrowdShed.”

Geoff Miller, CEO of GLI Finance, also commented:

“This exciting partnership continues the extension of our platforms and compliments and diversifies our exposure to the crowdfunding space, as CrowdShed will provide rewards, lending and donation-based crowdfunding opportunities as well as SME finance.

CrowdShed is well positioned to become a leading player in Europe within this space and we are delighted they have chosen to partner with us. We look forward to building our partnership with them.”

CrowdShed is also creating a real-world space.  This facility will bring funders and fund-seekers together to work, develop ideas, find inspiration, host events, and attend SHEDtalks and Q&A sessions. In spite of the automated nature of altfinance, face-to-face meetings and meeting-points are beginning to play a larger role in the space – as platforms strive for a more personal touch.

Miller, Freeman, and a host of other alternative finance platforms within the GLIF armada will be attending the fast-looming AltFi Summit 2014. Discover more details at, or download the AltFi App.

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