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Crowdfunding Database Continues Expansion

The crowdfunding sector’s only crowd-powered project search and support network has a new member.


CrowdIt has joined the network as a Charter Platform member. Less than a year young, the CrowdIt platform has become an instant favorite – already having hosted 250 projects. Its inclusion adds a further 39 live projects to the burgeoning cross-platform database that is Crowdfunding4All (CF4ALL). The network now contains over 20,000 projects.

The intuitive CF4ALL search bar allows users to track down the projects that interest them – without having to trawl through a host of different crowdfunding sites. CF4ALL users earn CrowdCredits for activity across the network. These credits can then be allocated to projects as a show of support, and are distinct from any financial contribution. CF4ALL’s proprietary formula ranks relevant projects in search results based on funding level and CrowdCredits received.

Jason Graf, Co-Founder and CEO of CrowdIt, said:

“CrowdIt’s decision to join the CF4ALL network was a no-brainer for us. CF4ALL is a perfect example of the value-added support services we offer our users. Its cross-platform search, CrowdCredits social currency, and curated lists of trending projects are helping to bring attention to and level the playing field for our Dreamers from all walks of life.”

Peter M. Einstein, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of CF4ALL, also commented:

“We’re thrilled to welcome CrowdIt into the CF4ALL network as the first of a rapidly growing number of Platform Members. We’re focused on the same fundamental goal: make crowdfunding accessible and viable for an expanding community of project creators and funders. We look forward to raising the visibility of CrowdIt’s projects and helping their Dreamers reach their funding goals faster.”

The CF4ALL search engine can only currently be used to trace rewards and donation-based crowdfunding projects – but who’s to say how it may progress? The network reportedly has plans to incorporate equity and debt-based campaigns in the near future. Methods of navigating the already-cluttered alternative finance space are all the rage at the moment – see the recently launched Alternative Business Funding portal. If CF4ALL can spread its net across the entire AltFinance spectrum it will be an impressive and highly valuable feat.  

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