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Crowdfunding Platform SyndicateRoom Gets Authorised

SyndicateRoom has just announced that it has joined Crowdcube and Seedrs in becoming a fully FCA authorised crowdfunding platform, after raising £4m in investments using its distinctive hybrid model.  

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SyndicateRoom's model involves members only investing  in companies which are also receiving investment from professional investors.

The platform argues that this distinctive model gives small investors "the peace of mind that traditional equity-based crowdfunding platforms do not: the knowledge that each company available for investment has been thoroughly vetted by professional, experienced investors who are putting their own money at risk together with the crowd too."

According to Gonçalo de Vasconcelos, founder and CEO, SyndicateRoom, comments: "When crowdfunding first arrived in Britain it was seen as the exotic preserve of a committed few. Now its simplicity and transparency are attracting ever more sophisticated investors looking for attractive returns. Our platform allows sophisticated investors to bypass the often opaque and expensive managed funds to invest directly in the businesses they like. We are proud to be FCA authorised, and thus held up to the same scrutiny and high standards as any other regulated investment".

Since launch SyndicateRoom has been involved in transactions totalling £4m, with a wide range of businesses including aircraft designer e-Go aeroplanes, cloud-based jukebox Psonar and world’s first urinal videogame, Captive Media. Angel investors have included industry heavyweights such as David Ryan, Peter Cowley and Hermann Hauser. The minimum investment is £500, though the average amount invested is over £5,000. Individual angels have each invested an average of £140,000 per company.

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