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A New Contender for Crowdfunding One-Stop-Shop Crown

A new aggregator in the Alternative Finance sector is crowdfunding its way into existence.

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We at AltFinanceNews are of the belief that securing an integral position in the AltFinance ecosystem could prove to be an extremely valuable niche within this growing industry. UP Investments are looking to do just that. Currently fundraising on Crowdcube, the aggregator has rapidly raised £80k and is closing in on its target of £100,000 in exchange for 13.33% equity. UP Investments boasts an innovative proposition whereby investors can register and spread their funds across projects from a range of equity crowdfunding and p2b lending sites. UP will help to track and manage all of these investments through a single account. What are the major benefits of such an approach? Diversification, simplification, the ability to measure and compare the performance of investments and the standardization of all pitch information for browsing ease.

Founder and MD James Tuckett commented on the launch:

“There’s nothing like it anywhere in the world. UP is the crowdfunding supermarket – we aggregate crowdfunding opportunities, but we also act as a broker and portfolio management service.”

How often that triple-barrel phrase is thrown around, and the reason is simply that to claim the crown of being THE “one-stop-shop” for crowdfunding would be an immensely valuable accomplishment. The premise of UP Investments is that investors have neither the time nor nous to trawl through projects from all the hundreds of crowdfunding sites out there, let alone manage a diverse portfolio across the alternative finance space. The UP Investments solution is a powerful one, and we’ll keep a close eye on the progress of this unique business model going forward.

You can take a look at their website here, or support the company yourself via Crowdcube

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