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The Countrywide Crowdfunding Tour

Leading rewards-based platform Indiegogo is bringing an exciting new initiative to British shores.

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The inaugural “Go Crowdfund Britain” tour will begin on 23rd June. With over £1 million to put to work, the initiative will traverse 10 British cities, 2,500km and more than 1,000 ideas. The nation will be swept for the brightest ideas, most innovative inventions and the top young businesses – with the goal being to successfully crowdfund the chosen few on Indiegogo before the close of 2014. The select campaigns will be hosted on a tailor-made GoCrowdFundBritain site that will track the scale of the funding generated through the initiative, while otherwise operating in much the same way as the standard Indiegogo platform.

Anastasia Emmanuel, the key figure behind the project and Indiegogo’s UK Marketing and Community Manager, commented:

“Great Britain is a nation of innovation but Britons are being stifled by a lack of available finance. Through the power of Indiegogo, we want to see kitchen table businesses thrive, nurture new inventions, support amazing causes and stimulate Britons to fulfill their entrepreneurial ambitions and creative dreams.”

 “Whether it is 1,000 campaigns raising £1,000, 100 campaigns raising £10,000, 10 campaigns raising £100,000, just 1 campaign raising £1,000,000 or all of these together, it is our belief that by joining forces, we can make it happen. That’s Indiegogo’s mission in the UK for 2014.”

The rewards-based platform has joined forces with a number of forward-thinking partners, including Virgin, Wix, Tech City News and Crowdbox TV. Theses partners will join the tour in order to provide advice, guidance and perks to successful campaign managers.

The tour schedule is as follows, and you can register here.

Manchester - 23rd June

Birmingham – 24th June

Swansea – 26th June

Bristol – 27th June

Norwich – 30th June

Nottingham – 1st July

Sheffield – 3rd July

Leeds – 7th July

Newcastle – 8th July

Edinburgh – 10th July 

London - 15th July

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