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Trillion Fund Kicks Off P2P Platform

Trillion Fund’s innovative new peer-to-peer platform has commenced operations with a £5 million loan to fund the construction and installation of new wind turbines across the UK.

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Trillion Fund is fully regulated by the FCA and allows users to lend to or invest in clean energy – via p2p loans, debentures, regular funds and community share raises. The £5 million loan will be comprised of four separate installments. The first £1.25 million tranche is secured against five operational wind turbines in the North of England.

The money is being raised by E2Energy – a joint venture between Endurance and Earthmill. Those investing in the loan prior to July 31st will earn a market-topping 7.5% bonus rate. The rate thereafter will stand at 7.25%. Investors can get involved in the loan for a minimum of £50 – with no maximum investment cap.

Julia Groves, Managing Director of Trillion Fund, commented on the opportunity:

“Wind profits do not have to be just for wealthy landowners – they can go to everyone. And we are all ultimately paying for feed-in tariffs, so we might as well be making a return from them too.

“Renewable energy projects offer unique, asset-backed returns, because they generate a steady, relatively predictable income flow from the feed-in tariff they receive and the electricity they send to the grid. There is also some inflation-proofing as the tariff rises in line with the Retail Price Index.”

The money raised will be used to install new wind turbines on sites for which E2Energy has already been granted planning permission. As mentioned above, the loan is backed by five existing turbines – which are covered by insurance for the next 20 years. These turbines are already generating revenue from feed-in tariffs linked to the Retail Price Index – as well as from the sale of electricity to the grid.

Check out the exciting new campaign by visiting the Trillion Fund platform

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