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Campaign of the Week: Powered Now

Crowdcube scores a third Campaign of the Week prize with the Powered Now project.

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Powered Now aims to help the Field Services industry computerise its data. Seeking to revolutionise sales and administration processes, Powered Now eliminates onerous paperwork and enables companies to record and produce everything through a few simple clicks and swipes on mobile devices.

The mobile admin application is predominantly aimed at sole traders and small firms of electricians, builders, plumbers and the like. The company has already attracted over 3,000 user registrations worldwide. With the capital they hope to raise, the Powered Now team intends to increase the rate of product development - and introduce the possibility of new functionalities and further apps for larger field trade firms.

The app currently runs on iPads and iPhones with a beta version existing for Android. The application computerises tasks such as customer communication, quoting, invoicing and payments by card or through PayPal.

Benjamin Dyer, Co-founder of the company, stated:

“The field trade industry is one of the last to see the real benefits of the computer revolution […] and this is despite the fact that there are more than 900,000 such businesses operating in the UK alone. By providing our apps to help these companies and individuals manage their paperwork we have already demonstrated that we can make them more productive and profitable.”

Campaign Breakdown

Amount raised for far: £294, 490

Percentage raised so far: 84%

Investors so far: 60

Fundraising target: £350,000

Equity offered: 20.59%

Tax Relief: EIS

Days left: 20

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