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SyndicateRoom’s Suped Up Model Takes it to £10m

Ascendant equity crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom continues to impress.

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SyndicateRoom has now provided upwards of £10m in funding for early-stage businesses – a significant milestone for any equity-based model. No project can be listed on SyndicateRoom without first having received significant backing from an Angel investor. This structural feature has allowed the platform to grow extremely quickly – now standing as one of the major players within the flourishing UK equity crowdfunding space, despite launching only a year ago (September 2013).

SyndicateRoom was recently dubbed the fastest growing equity crowdfunding platform – with a 200% increase in the equity funding facilitated by the platform in the 6 months prior to June. For context, the equity crowdfunding space as a whole had grown at a rate of 95% over that time.

The platform scorched its way to its current funding total of £10,129,000 with a couple of highly successful deals. Aeristech opened a funding round on the platform last Wednesday and hit its target within 24 hours. Only a few hours later the business reached its overfunding goal – becoming SR’s fastest fully-funded deal to date. A few days later, Highview closed its doors a month and a half ahead of schedule with 193% of its target raised. The Highview deal pushed SyndicateRoom through the £10m barrier. Details of this pair of projects are yet to published on the SyndicateRoom website – but you can keep an eye out for them here.

SyndicateRoom can now justifiably be posed as the equity crowdfunding equivalent of the “challenger” platforms in the peer-to-peer lending arena. SyndicateRoom has romped its way to a sizeable market share in no time at all, on the back of a suped up version of the traditional equity crowdfunding model – just as LendInvest and Wellesley have done in the P2P space.

Here are some of the key stats from the platform’s journey thus far:

  • 18 companies funded

  • £10,129,000 raised

  • Lead investors have invested an average of £155k per deal

  • Started taking investments on the 21st September 2013

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