Real Estate Crowdfunding: Alternative Finance Sector Report

Despite real estate crowdfunding being a relatively new concept, there are already over 30 dedicated platforms. Building on investors’ affinity for real estate investment and the easily accessible nature of crowdfunding, Intelligent Partnership was commissioned by Angels Den to produce this dedicated report.

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“There is a missing link... We are speaking to a number of UK property developers who are very keen to open up this form of equity crowdfunding.” Gary Stern, Angels Den

The report details essential portfolio benefits of real estate investment and how crowdfunding opens up the real estate market to a much larger pool of investors through lower minimum investments, various investment models and the ability to diversify easily in comparison to traditional real estate investments.

The report will give background to the benefits for property developers who are struggling to find the funding they need, with faster and cheaper fund raise. 

Readers will gain the knowledge they need to make an informed decision about investing in real estate via crowdfunding platforms with a unique market analysis of over 70 real estate crowdfunding investment opportunities.

“The alternative finance sector is awash with innovative investment strategies across a variety of sectors, we’re delighted to publish this report on real estate crowdfunding as the first in a series of alternative finance sector reports.” GuyTolhurst, Intelligent Partnership

You can download the report here.

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