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Crowdfunding Aggregator Pulls Bank Heist

After having launched in early October with the intention of becoming the Rightmove of the crowdfunding space, Business Agent has now taken to the streets to spread its message.

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The online crowdfunding hub is an aggregator of both equity and debt based opportunities. These deals are sourced by a range of UK platforms, including – based on a quick glance at the website – Angels Den, Crowd for Angels, FireFlock, Crowdcube, GamCrowd, and Funding Tree. Business Agent claims to be the first aggregator of its kind on UK soil.

On December 1st, in reaction to what the Business Agent team sees as a mass robbery of the nation by the major banks back in 2007, the new aggregator staged a daring heist of its own. A suited member of the purple-coloured, banner-wielding troupe snatched away a multibillion-pound swag bag from an unsuspecting banker – and subsequently paraded the score around Business Agent's Empire Casino launch party.

The slogan? "Don't be a BANKER all your life". The point? That – according to Business Agent – “crowdfunding” represents a genuine threat to the banking system. Founder Sacha Bright explained:

“When Ebay launched, few thought they could trust someone they’d never met to send a paid-for parcel in the post. In fact they can and they do! If the public start to trust Crowdfunding in the same way as they trust eBay we will no longer need the Banks to play the middle man when lending out our money.”

We’ll let the pictures tell the tale from here… 

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