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Greens turn to Crowdfunding

The political party Cornwall Greens has turned their eyes to crowdfunding to help raise funds for their campaign ahead of the up and coming general election.


It is a big year for the Green party with 2015 being the first year that the party is fielding four candidates across all the Mid and East Cornwall constituencies.

The party is looking to raise £1,600 through crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder. The funds raised will go towards leafleting 100,000 homes around Cornwall before the election.

According to Sharon Kelsey, PPC for Truro and Falmouth for every pound that is donated, the party’s message gets sent out to more than 60 voters and she believes that voters could turn Mid and East Cornwall ‘Green’ while also changing the way that politics is done in the UK.

Amanda Pennington, PPC for North Cornwall, said:

“There’s no room for complacency despite Mid and East Cornwall Green Party raising £1,000 of our General Election Crowdfunder target in just 14 days.”

This year alone there has been a 100 per cent increase in membership throughout the UK this year.

Steve Slade, PPC for St Austell and Newquay, added: “It’s fantastic that so many people are pledging money to support the local Green Party.

“It’s a sure sign that there’s appetite in Cornwall for a new political direction that benefits everyone, not just the few.”

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