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By Georgina McCreadie on 7th January 2015

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Symbid has announced the launch of a new platform, Farmers Funding, an online investment platform for the Dutch agricultural sector.

It has been created in collaboration with two agricultural companies and the platform will connect to the Symbid Funding Network. This new platform adds to the diverse range of investment opportunities already offered to Symbid’s 28,000 active investors.  

The difficulties that farmers face are well known and has hit the headlines again in UK over the price of milk and the problems that dairy farmers are encountering. Access to capital for the agricultural industry in the Netherlands is being restricted, even though this is still a growing and innovative sector. This new platform will aim to fill this funding gap and provide young and growing agribusinesses with finance. The platform covers both debt and equity financing.

The recent announcement of Symbid’s partnership with Credion, a leading Dutch financial advisory firm, signalled the firm’s transition into an online Funding Network. This partnership has allowed Symbid to create an efficient online financial hub that offers a range of services that go above and beyond pure equity crowdfunding.

All of the deals on the Farmers Funding platform are linked directly to the Symbid Funding Network, which allows them to reach a broad group of investors.

Korstiaan Zandvliet, co-founder and CEO of Symbid, commented:

"Entrepreneurs logging onto Farmers Funding can present their business proposition either privately, to specific investors, or publicly, to the crowd. This way, our Funding Network lets the entrepreneur control how their business is funded and increases the likelihood of finding the right finance. Meanwhile, investors can decide on the types of deals that interest them and diversify their portfolio. Farmers Funding is a great example of how Symbid is leading the way in online finance, with more expansions of our Funding Network on the horizon."

As of December 2014 Symbid had successfully funded over 60 start-ups for a total sum of $7,000,000. Looking forward Symbid aims to continue to diversify and extend its offerings with several new alternative and traditional financial services, and Farmers Funding represents the start of that process.   

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