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AltFi Launch Journal of Disruptive Finance

AltFi have launched the Journal of Disruptive Finance (JDF). The call for papers has been sent and the journal will launch at the end of the year.

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Despite, or perhaps because of, the rapid emergence of alternative finance and fintech, it remains poorly understood by academics, policymakers and practitioners alike. Much of the research that has been done remains in process and has not yet been disseminated or has been targeted to audiences interested in alternative finance as a platform for understanding financial technology and social dynamics. Policymakers and business leaders therefore have been formulating regulations and developing platforms and strategies without a clear understanding of the phenomenon itself or of its unique challenges and opportunities. This is the void that the Journal of Disruptive Finance aims to fill.

David Stevenson, Executive Director at AltFi, commented:

“We want the journal to be a must read for any academic or industry professional interested in how the financial industry is under going profound disruptive change. The impetus for launching this quarterly publication has always been that there is some fantastic cutting edge research/analysis out there that needs to reach a wider audience, hungry for new ideas and insights. “

The Journal is being led by David Stevenson and Richard Swart.David Stevenson is the JDF’s publisher. He is an investment columnist and writer for a range of publications including the Financial Times, Investment Week and Money Week. David also runs a series a high profile events for the investment industry as well as moderating our own AltFi global summits. The JDF’s Managing Editor is Richard Swart PhD. Richard is currently Crowdfunding Researcher and Scholar-in-Residence at UC Berkeley’s HAAS College of Business. Richard is an international award-winning academic and a recognized thought leader in the crowdfunding industry.

Richard Swart PhD, JDF Managing Editor, continued:

“The Journal of Disruptive Finance is going to fill a critical void. With unprecedented global interest in alternative and disruptive finance, business leaders, economists, investors, and academics are desperately seeking information on these emerging markets. JDF is designed to present high-quality research and insights from both professionals and researchers - and will become the leading source of insight. Due to the multiyear lag of traditional academic publishing, formal journals cannot publish papers that are timely and insightful.  I am excited to be part of this team and look forward to seeing JDF emerge as a global leading financial publication.”

The Journal of Disruptive Finance chronicles and explains the fundamental disruptions occurring in financial markets and assets classes due to the unprecedented growth of alternative finance globally.  It publishes high-quality research based articles as well as those addressing critical emerging issues and trends from top industry, consulting and government leaders.

Dr Louise Beaumont, Head of Public Affairs & Marketing at GLI Finance and Editorial Board Member of the Journal, explained:

“I have high hopes for the Journal of Disruptive Finance - I think this could be one of the premier go-to sources for high-quality research on alternative finance.  As the line-up of alternative finance products is evolving from providing niche solutions to being serious competitors in financial service provision around the world, we need cutting-edge research to analyse the trends that we are seeing in the market and to critically evaluate the industry as a legitimate alternative to traditional high street banks. We have a great Managing Editor in Richard Swart PhD, who I am sure will attract high calibre contributors.  I am delighted to be on the Advisory Editorial Committee.”

The JDF publishes cutting edge research articles on:

§  peer-lending,

§  marketplace lending,

§  crowdfunding,

§  equity crowdfinancing,

§  SME finance,

§  fintech,

§  cryptocurrencies,

§  online finance generally including next generation asset management models online

§  as well as strategy and business models prevalent within these fast emerging industries.

Contributors to the journal include researchers, consultants, policy makers, senior executives and business school faculty from around the globe. It is a publication of AltFi but the Editorial Process is directed by a distinguished group of over 20 faculty and industry thought leaders from around the globe. This Editorial Panel includes Ron Suber,Prosper;Matt Burton, Orchard; Cormac Leech,Liberum and Rhydian Lewis,RateSetter.

George King, Editorial Board Member of the Journal, added:

"The Journal of Disruptive Finance is delivering critical information, analytics and thought leadership at a pivotal time in the accelerating global evolution of finance. There is no shortage of excitement in the sector, but the Alternative Finance marketplace and FinTech ecosystem both need a "town square" for the intellectually rigorous thought leadership that will build safe, secure and sustainable change with a positive society impact. We know from experience that the years ahead will include volatile business cycles, a few valuation bubbles, and even cyber fraud and financial crisis challenges. Through these disruptions, the steady push forward to a New Era of Finance must continue. The Journal will make a material contribution to the private sector companies, elected legislators, government regulators, academics, entrepreneurs, media, and policy makers who will shape 21st century finance."

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